Budget Discipline, Part II

In the last three years, the Progressive Do-Nothing Senate has passed zero budgets.  Even President Obama completed his stand-up routines in that time frame, offering two massive budget jokes.

Here are some things that grown, adult human beings who are serious about their purposes have accomplished in the space of three years or less.

  • Broad Group erected the 30-story Ark Hotel in Dongting Lake, Hunan, PRC in just 15 days late last year.  (As an aside, the Daily Mail reports that no worker was injured on this project.)
  • Gone with the Wind was filmed in just over 9 months.
  • Building the Empire State Building, then the world’s tallest, took a year and a quarter.
  • The Pentagon, still the world’s largest building in terms of floor space, took a year and a third.
  • The time from D-Day to Germany’s surrender at the end of WWII was 11 months.
  • Indeed, the time from Operation Torch, the British-American invasion of northern Africa in WWII, to Germany’s surrender and the liberation of western Europe was 30 months.


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