Another View from the Left

From Spiegel International Online comes this description of the Republican presidential candidates in an article about Senator Rick Santorum’s decision to end his “Ludicrous Race:”

It was a circus, one in which—for long stretches—the clowns took center stage. The candidates lost their way in an extended debate on abortion and contraception; climate change was anything for them except manmade; they threatened to unceremoniously throw millions of illegal immigrants out of the country; they competed for who could promise the lowest taxes and the deepest social welfare cuts; and they pledged to shut down government ministries. And when it came to foreign policy, they repeatedly showed that they didn’t have a clue.

And this is the political Europe President Obama wishes so desperately to emulate.  These are the misunderstandings of the purpose of government, the misunderstandings of issues, and the distortions of positions the Obama insists are…gospel.


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