Of What Polity is Merkel Chancellor?

Spiegel International Online, in an article a couple days ago, insisted that

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has a problem. External pressure on her government to back an increase in the size of the permanent euro backstop fund, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), is rapidly growing, with Berlin now virtually isolated among the G-20 and the euro zone, with the International Monetary Fund insisting as well.  Even the world’s developing countries are calling for Merkel to agree to boost the firewall….

Internally, however, she is in a bind.  Aid fatigue has set in among Merkel’s conservatives…and the political appetite in her cabinet for countering such skepticism is limited.  …  Renegade lawmakers in the aisles of her governing coalition…meant Merkel fell short of the symbolic “chancellor’s majority,” an absolute majority of Bundestag seats with just coalition votes.

Moreover, which case the article’s author elides, the German people have never favored seeing their hard-earned money, turned over to their government in taxes, sent overseas to reward the irresponsible populations and governments of other countries for their profligacy.

Leaving aside the economic and moral foolishness of continuing—much less expanding—the bailout facility(s), Chancellor Merkel, and her fellow German citizens, need to clarify in their own minds for whom she works—those German citizens who hired her to be their country’s chief executive, or foreign nationals in Europe and elsewhere.  This clarification will eliminate the bind.

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