Do we really want this guy for another term?

Last November, Governor Jan Brewer (R, AZ) published a book that describes her “political journey and the decision-making process to critical issues of the day.”  In her book, Brewer made a passing remark about President Obama and his “patronizing” demeanor during a solo meeting with her about border security.  Wednesday, having just debarked from Air Force One on Obama’s arrival in Arizona on his campaign tour—and while still on the airport tarmac—he upbraided Brewer for that description.

He immediately took umbrage, if you will with my book, Scorpions for Breakfast, and was somewhat disgruntled, if you will, by the way he was portrayed.  He’s very thin-skinned in regards to it,” Brewer later described the encounter.  She went on:

Here we are talking about jobs and the economy, we’re celebrating the growth and the comeback that Arizona has made, and he wants to go immediately to the book.

This isn’t an isolated incident.  The community organizer from Chicago has behaved this way his entire term.  He started out trying to avoid the hard news media, typified by the Obama 2009 Full Ginsburg, wherein he appeared on all five NLMSM Sunday news programs, but explicitly refused to talk to Fox News (at one point he had tried to black ball Fox news).  When asked at the time about Obama’s avoiding Fox News that Sunday, Chris Wallace (a Fox News political commentator) responded,

[T]here’s kind of childishness or pettiness about it….  They are the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington[.]

It may be that the pressures of the big time are simply too much for him.

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