When in Danger or in Doubt

Congressman Mike Honda (D, CA) had this to say about the Stimulus Bill of 2009:

…was put together because we didn’t know what the hell was going on and you know, and we were trying to do things that we thought might help stimulate the economy[.]  We set aside quite a bit of money for what we call ‘shovel ready projects’ which we thought would create jobs right away but it didn’t.

Run in circles, scream and shout.  So, do even more of it.

It [The 99 Percent Act] will increase our deficit but we need to increase our deficit right now to make that investment and make that place so that we can get this thing started.

This is what the Congressional Progressive Caucus proudly says about the 99 Percent Act:

We need a law as big as the problem it’s trying to fix, and that’s exactly what this is.

Run in circles, make big government.

How very Progressive of them.

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