Progressive Logic

This would be funny if it weren’t so sad.  The Daily Caller reports that the ProgressivesDemocrats of South Carolina are complaining that Republicans are attacking women.  The only racists are those who play the race card where racism is absent, as with the Democrats’ constant attempts to play the race card these last three years against anyone who dared criticize their meme.

So it is with sexism.  The only sexists are those who cry “waging a war on women” where no such thing is occurring.  Here’s the plaint.  As a result of census-driven redistricting in South Carolina, three (count ’em) of six Democratic Party State Senators were double-bunked—put into redrawn districts that will require them to run for re-election in another incumbent’s district or in a new district that combines two incumbents’ districts in some way (as if a district belongs to a particular incumbent at all), and six of twenty Democratic Party State Representatives were similarly double-bunked.

Now, one might make a case for reducing the number of Democrat-held districts out of proportion to changes in the number of Republican districts, but that’s not the complaint here.  It seems that the real beef, the one Democrats are loathe explicitly to articulate, is that Democrats don’t think women can run against men with any success; women need to be able to retain their special-for-women districts.

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