What is Mr Transparency Covering Up?

What lies under the broad reluctance of the Obama administration to cooperate with the information requests that several Congressional committees have been making of the administration as these committees seek to investigate various events?  If there’s no there there, why not provide everything requested, without delay?  If these requests—if the investigations themselves—are just foolish and venal Republican fishing expeditions, why not let the very lack of issue in the requested documents or in the requested witness testimony demonstrate that?  There is no question of defending Executive Branch prerogative against Legislative Branch overreach here; the administration has raised none.

Instead we have reflexive Obama stonewalling.

On Operation Fast and Furious, Mr Obama’s chief attorney, his Attorney General, steadily resists releasing information the Congress requests.  Eric Holder’s automatic withholding of information about who knew what, and when it was known, concerning a February letter to Congress about OF&F that contained several factual errors and that was drafted by Mr Holder’s staff come to mind, as does his continued refusal to provide 11 witnesses who were subpoenaed for formal Congressional interviews.

On the matter of Boeing’s use of a factory in South Carolina, Mr Obama’s NLRB Acting General Council Lafe Solomon is actively withholding documents and NLRB personnel (including the acting deputy general counsel, the special counsel for congressional and intergovernmental affairs, a trial attorney and a public affairs official) that Congress has requested in its investigation of an apparent NLRB bias and overreach.

On the Solyndra failure, White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler openly refuses to satisfy a Congressional subpoena for documents related to this government intervention into the green energy industry.  Instead, Mr Obama’s representative is obfuscating the matter by calling the subpoenas “unprecedented and unnecessary.”  As if that, even if true, makes the subpoena illegitimate.

I just don’t understand: in the Age of Transparency, of what is Mr Obama so terrified?  What is Mr Transparency afraid will be exposed?

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