There is a move to relocate the FBI headquarters out of DC. Assuming the FBI should be kept as an institution, which is not at all established given the institution’s corruption, naked political bias, and anti-Catholic (anti-religion generally?) bigotry in its ranks from middle management on up, its relocation out of the Beltway would be good.

However, the two new locations on offer—Fairfax County, VA, and Prince George’s County, MD—are not sufficiently far away. Those areas are just down the street a piece, in the Beltway suburbs.

If the FBI is to be kept on at all, its headquarters needs to be moved out into Middle America, to a small town in, say, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, or Nebraska. Or perhaps in Oklahoma, where the bureau also can deal at close hand with the reservation problems from long-term Congressional negligence that are newly exposed by a recent Supreme Court decision forced by that negligence.

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