A Presidential Library

Ex-President Barack Obama (D) plans to build a Presidential library in Chicago, and he’s looking at a non-standard concept for his library.  The folks on the Left don’t like it, as exemplified by the Chicago Tribune‘s Ron Grossman.

It seems the proposed library has a test kitchen in it, in which FLOTUS’ views of proper nutrition can be explored.  There’s also supposedly room for a yoga center; although, that’s not defined in the architectural plans.  The horror.  How unpresidential.  How unlibraryish.  Grossman bleated

President Obama, is that how you want to be remembered? As the healthy-eating and meditation-advocating president?

Then Grossman spent the bulk of his missive laying out his Better Idea for the library.  As though it were Grossman’s library and not Obama’s.  Never mind that all of us will remember Obama for his legacy, however we characterize it (and none of those characterizations see Obama as a lotus-eating spinach and broccoli lover), or that Obama gets to set up his library as he sees fit—and kudos to him for not going with tradition for tradition’s sake.  Or taking seriously the morsels of a pressman’s fetid imagination.

Readers of this blog—all half-dozen of you—know that I’m not a real big fan of the Progressive-Democrat ex-President.  But, jeez—this just shows that the Left are a bunch of crybabies who’ll whine about anything.

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