Hollywood, Too

A month into the summer movie season and the box office is already suffering from poor performances by a number of widely panned films.

Box office gross receipts are off nearly 5% through the summer compared to the same period last year and its this-year Memorial Day weekend wasn’t this bad since 1999.

Megan Colligan, Paramount’s President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution on her studio’s Baywatch:

The cast could not have done more work in aggressively promoting “Baywatch.” Dwayne [Johnson] gave this 150%[.]

It is to weep.  They tried so hard—where’s their participation ribbon?

It couldn’t possibly be that they’re making bad movies, or movies on a theme that’s already played out, or….  Mm, mm.  Couldn’t be.  Gotta be somebody else’s fault.

But it’s expectable.  They’re of a piece.

One thought on “Hollywood, Too

  1. What a pity; they could have saved so much money by paying me $2000 to tell them that nobody wants to watch a Baywatch reboot. I guess, though, that we now know the smell of what the Rock is cooking.

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