Democrats want Supreme Court Justice nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch to prejudge case that might come before him as a litmus test of his fitness to sit on the Court—i.e., his willingness to subordinate himself and the Supreme Court—the pinnacle of a coequal branch of our Federal Government—to the Progressive-Democratic subset of Congress.

Democrats…want [Gorsuch] to declare how he would rule in specific areas of the law—questions that every Supreme Court nominee declines to answer.

Vermont Senator Pat Leahy said last week he would “insist on real answers from Judge Gorsuch.”


At Monday’s opening day of Senate hearings, Connecticut Democrat Richard Blumenthal told Judge Gorsuch that while the committee might ordinarily respect a nominee’s reticence on cases, ordinary rules don’t apply for President Trump’s nominee. “If you fail to be explicit and forthcoming,” he said, the committee would have to assume his views were in line with Mr. Trump’s.

Because the inconvenience of rules can’t be allowed to impede the High and Mighty.  Never mind the utter lack of logic in Blumenthal’s “have to assume” conclusion (or his arrogance in presuming to speak for the committee): petty logic and impertinent Republicans can’t be allowed to impede, either.

This is both disgusting and an illustration of why Americans have been steadily repudiating the Progressive-Democrat Party in all levels of government over the last four election cycles.

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