The People’s Republic of China objects to the US’ planned deployment of a missile defense system in the Republic of Korea to defend the RoK and Japan against northern Korean attack.  The PRC has already engaged in low-grade economic warfare, barring certain trade arrangements from going forward.  Now, however, the PRC is making threats against us and the RoK if we go through with the deployment.  Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang:

China firmly opposes the deployment of THAAD.  We will definitely be taking necessary measures to safeguard our own security interest.  All consequences entailed from that will be borne by the US and (South Korea).

Lou Yuan, a retired PLA general, was more explicit.  The PLA, he said,

could conduct a surgical hard-kill operation that would destroy the target, paralyzing it, and making it unable to hit back[.]

When one nation objects to another nation having an ability to defend itself, it’s necessary to ask after the motivations of the one—what does that nation have planned for the to-be-defenseless one, either directly or through a client?

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