Hurted Feewings

don’t make for lawsuits, even in New Jersey.

Former Democratic Councilman Dennis Kleiner quit his elected position in 2012. He then sued the municipality, the mayor, and another councilman claiming he had been forced to resign because of the rumors and false charges they made about him.

Fortunately, the New Jersey courts are a bit more grown up than this little boy.

The judge overseeing the case said Kleiner’s “complaints over his hurt feelings, damaged reputation, and potential embarrassment fall far short of violation of his First Amendment rights.

“This court will not condone this pointless litigation over [his] disappointments in the world of politics to linger….”

And he tossed the case.  So Kleiner appealed.

The appellate panel upheld the lower court’s toss and further noted that “another politician may not have resigned under the same circumstances.”

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