JFK’s Murder Solved?

Here’s the thing: no one has satisfactorily explained the motive for President John Kennedy’s murder. What was Oswald up to?

New research and more accurate interpretation of existing data have revealed the answer, and as a side effect explained an additional murder. Recall that JFK liked the ladies, including especially his wife Jacqueline and the actress Marilyn Monroe. In the end, though, Kennedy decided he’d rather Marilyn than Jackie: what was he to do?

Recall also, Kennedy’s fecklessness during the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis. He had no hope of planning any sort of switch. So baby brother Bobby stepped in. He contracted a hit on Jackie so the widowed President could take up, openly, with his preferred lady.

Come Dallas on that fateful day, and it turns out the sharp shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, wasn’t all that—he missed, and hit Kennedy instead.

But wait; there’s more. Jackie got wind of the deal. It took her awhile, but in 1968, her own contract, set up through some Greek connections she’d been able to reach, was executed, and Brother Bobby was murdered in Los Angeles. After that, under cover of her remark, “If they’re killing Kennedys, then my children are targets…. I want to get out of this country,” she did so, and four months later married a Greek shipping…entrepreneur.

The murders of the two Kennedy brothers explained.

Aside: someone has advised this author that this theory ranks with the one that says the Royals offed Princess Diana.

2 thoughts on “JFK’s Murder Solved?

  1. Doing satire now, are we? I do recall, many years ago, reading somewhere a speculation that the real target was Texas Governor John Connally, who as Secretary of the Navy had denied Oswald an improvement in the latter’s Undesirable Discharge (which had originally been Honorable, but was downgraded when he defected to the Soviet Union and told the US Embassy interviewer he planned to tell the Soviets what he knew about USMC surveillance radar operations). Yes – he was an enlisted Scope Dope …

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