General Insurance Dysfunction

I’ve written about the failure and the dishonesty of Obamacare on a number of occasions.  However, the failures of insurance coverage aren’t limited to Obamacare.  Here’s an example from my wife’s insurance coverage, an old-style policy that hasn’t (yet) been canceled by Obamacare.

At my wife’s annual physical, last month, she spent over an hour talking with our doctor about mutual concerns, where they agree, where they disagree. (How many doctors will do that, in the first place?  This is one of the reasons I like her for my doctor, too.)

We got the billing statement a couple days ago:

Billed to Insurance = $20.00
Network Discount = $17.00
Applied to Deductible = $0.00
Paid by Plan = $2.70
Paid at Visit = $0.00
Amount you may Owe = $0.30

First, the insurance networks to which she belongs beat her up to a $20/hr rate that she’s allowed to charge (actually, it’s a per visit rate, but this is what this doctor’s integrity works that out to), then forced an 85% discount on top of that onto her.

Where’s insurance industry competition?  Obamacare ain’t it, and yet it’s worse than the insurance régime before.

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