Health Law’s Uneasy Launch

In a Wall Street Journal article from which I copied the title, Christopher Weaver opened with some misapprehensions that are interesting for a WSJ article [emphasis added].

Can [the Health Law’s] mix of government subsidies and market-based competition extend health insurance to millions of people…?

Umm, what market-based competition, exactly?  The Health Law begins with a mandate that creates artificial demand.  The underpinning and beginning of this particular market is decidedly anti-competitive.  The Health Law continues and ends with mandated coverages—innovation not allowed except by government permission—and with government-permitted premiums.  There’s no competition present in the product mix, either.

Oh, and those premiums are not at all based on the risk being assumed; indeed, health histories of the enrollees are explicitly excluded from the premiums charged them.

There’s nothing at all competition-based in this privately funded, government mandated welfare entitlement program.

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