The Obama Infomercial

Here’s another installment in President Barack Obama’s late night cable shill Rose Garden 800 number pitch (Operators are standing by!):

The online chat functionality turns out to be as dysfunctional as his 800 number—although, in fairness to the pitchman, he didn’t push the chat bit.  In an example excerpted on YouTube, you can see agent “Dean” advising a customer, “Adrian:”

Don’t lose your sanity over this website.  Try it.  If it doesn’t work, walk away.  Try it tomorrow.


Don’t run with scissors.

The transcript of the complete 12-minute chat is here (scroll down).  As you read it, notice two things: one is the admission of using canned answers, together with their near-irrelevance to the questions being asked.  The other is Agent Dean hanging up on Adrian in mid-chat.

This is government customer service, government medicine style.

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