Bean Counting

Late news, again, concerning another Obamacare-related rollout screw up.

The Internal Revenue Service is unable to account for $67 million in spending related to the implementation of ObamaCare, according to an IRS watchdog report released Wednesday.  …the money was part of a $488 million fund established to cover implementation costs between 2010 through 2012.

And this laugher:

The [Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration’s] report recommended the IRS improve its record-keeping….

Well, NSS.

Seriously, though: this isn’t rounding error—it’s more than 13% of the funds allocated to the IRS for the purpose.  Yet this is the gang that’s intended to pry into your most personal affairs—your health records and your income and your spending habits—to determine whether you should have bought health “insurance” and did not, or whether you’re entitled to a subsidy, paid for by your fellow Americans, to help you buy that “insurance.”

Yet they are fully checked out on determining whether your group’s political leanings meet standard.

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