A Thought on President Barack Obama’s Berlin Trip

As quoted by Spiegel Online International from the Berliner Zeitung [emphasis added]:

Obama, probably the best speaker in the world, used Berlin and the Brandenburg Gate to give a bad speech. He spoke about a lot, without saying much.

He did not say anything about any of the many points in his speech—maybe someone has the time to count them all.  At no point did he make a proposal.  As we could see, sitting in front of the TV, he had no plan.  He wanted to get the thing over with.  And he succeeded in doing that.  But he also succeeded in robbing passion from his greatest enthusiasts.

Obama is not one who cannot manage to get people excited about what it is he wants.  That’s what makes this appearance especially embarrassing.  Everyone who has experienced seeing him or has read his captivating book knows that when he wants to get people thinking a certain way, he can.  The only possible conclusion is that he didn’t want to.  Possibly the most important politician in the world has nothing planned.  That is terrible news.

That’s from a paper firmly on the left.

Us poor, dumb, clingy conservatives have seen this for a while, though: Obama truly believes that all he has to do is throw down a speech, and the oceans will recede.  And that’s the most dangerous part of him, much more so than any of his policies or the Chicago style activities of his administration’s departments and agencies.

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