Are the Democrats Serious about Raising Taxes on Americans…

…or are they just posturing so they can continue their class warfare campaign, or otherwise for personal political gain?

First we get President Obama’s demand that the Congress pass his tax increase forthwith—you know the one: his extension of the Bush tax cuts only for some Americans while raising taxes on that group of Americans of whom he so thoroughly disapproves.

Then we get the Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R, KY), trying to take him up on his demand.

My recommendation is we give the president what he asked for.  He wants to have a vote on raising taxes on individuals making over $250,000….  That’s a vote we welcome.

But Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D, UT) won’t allow the vote.  Acting on the President’s demand is an “obstructionist stunt,” you see.  President Obama himself, through his press spokesman, Jay Carney, insists that the Republicans’ effort to give him what he demands is just “a gimmick.”

Of course, four Democrats in the Senate who are up for reelection this fall don’t want to be on the record as voting for a tax increase, and it would only take a three-Senator swing to change control of the Senate and cost Reid his power.  Additionally, these four—Bill Nelson (D, FL), Claire McCaskill (D, MO), Tim Kaine (D, VA), and Shelley Barkley (D, NV)—are from swing states whose coming down Republican could cost Obama his job, too.


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