Regulations Impacting Free Speech

Now we see this from the New Jersey Law Journal [emphasis added]:

As corporate money continues its steady flow through the post-Citizens United world of U.S. elections, general counsel may soon have a new disclosure item to worry about. Last Friday, commissioner Luis Aguilar of the Securities and Exchange Commission called for the agency to consider a new rule requiring public companies to disclose all political spending. Shareholder proxy proposals seeking disclosure of corporate political donations are at a new high this year, according to the National Association of Corporate Directors. Aguilar says shareholder pressure is working, because nearly 60 percent of the S&P 100 companies had political disclosure policies in place as of December 31, compared with only a handful seven years earlier.

Never mind that, if shareholder pressure is working, a Government rule controlling free speech in this arena is plainly unwarranted.  This is just another cynical Progressive administration attempt to regulate free speech.

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