That’s the mantra of President Obama, Progressives generally, and the NLMSM.  But what’s actually going on?

In the Senate, we’ve had no budget offering, despite a legal requirement for one, for 900 days.  Indeed, the Senate has actively refused to propose a budget for those two and a half years.  We see legislation offering tax cuts blocked unless those cuts can be “paid for” with tax increases elsewhere.  We see active suppression of legislation encouraging pipeline infrastructure development which would produce tens of thousands of jobs promptly.  We see legislation sent directly to the floor of the Senate, bypassing committee opportunities for debate, with debate on the floor further blocked, thus rendering the legislation’s movement to a vote impossible.

In the House, we have a budget passed that actively cuts spending and offers reform for Social Security and Medicare so those programs can survive.  We have 17 separate jobs-related bills passed.  We have 5 bills related to American energy independence passed.  We see active support for fiscal moves that contribute both to reducing the nation’s debt and eliminating the annual budget deficit (a necessary prerequisite to lowering the debt).  We have a procedure that requires committee debate followed by floor debate.

The budget, the jobs bills, and the energy bills sit idle in the Senate, as the world’s greatest deliberative body refuses to consider them in any way.

Do-nothing Congress, indeed, but is it Congress as a whole, or one house of Congress that is bent on doing nothing?


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