This is Why

None of the Gaza Strip is secure until all of it is secure. Israel’s IDF had to go back into Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City and re-clear it, months after it had done so the first time early in its response to Hamas’ war of extermination that it had begun against Israel.

Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said that

senior Hamas militants had re-entered the hospital and were using it to direct attacks against Israel.

Even this time, the IDF was at pains to warn the civilians present that an operation was imminent and they should leave, and they were at equal pains to protect the patients and their doctors who could not leave.


The raid on the hospital shows how Hamas militants have, according to the Israeli military, returned to places that had already been cleared by Israeli troops in northern Gaza, posing a challenge for Israel even as its forces continue operations it says are aimed at rooting out the group in the south.

This also is an illustration of one of the outcomes stemming from the difficulty of and failure to completely destroy the terrorists’ tunnel system.

Again: none of the Gaza Strip is secure until all of it is secure, and all of Hamas is destroyed. This is why Israel must enter Rafah, and Khirbat al-Adas, and Al Qarya as Suwaydiya, and al Bayuk, and all of the rest of the area in southern Gaza Strip not yet cleared of the terrorists, even for a first time.

This is what Progressive-Democrat President Joe Biden is actively trying to prevent Israel from achieving with his constant demands for Israel to agree a ceasefire with the Hamas terrorists. Any ceasefire that eases pressure on the terrorists will only facilitate their effort and ability to regroup and refit. Hamas’ ability to regroup and refit in a previously cleared facility in Gaza City while under fire in an active war amply demonstrates this.

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