New Novel

My latest Peter Hunt novel, Homecoming, has been released, and it can be found in Kindle format on

Conroy said, “That there,” indicating the file folder, “is what I got on a client of mine. Accused of some little thing. I need you to get me what I need to get him off.”
“If it’s some little thing,” I said, “why you need a private investigator?”
“DA’s real particular on this one. Wants to put my boy away.” He nodded at the folder. “Look it over.”
The folder was labeled William Hansel, and the some little thing was part of the label: a murder beef. I undid the cord and started to pick through the folder. It had several tabbed pockets; most of the tabs had labels on them. Many of them were empty.
I rapped my knuckle on his desk one time. “Pass.” Started to stand.
“Listen hard, boy. I don’t get told No.”
“Yeah, you do. I just did.”
Then there was the proper wealthy matron whose husband isn’t all that and who turned up dead. And he seemed to be connected to Conroy.
Next came the well-to-do older gentleman whose wealth actually was his wife’s—who turns up dead, and the gentleman was entangled with the matron.
All that with Hunt’s pseudo-niece, Trang Thi Thao, dealing with her sister’s addiction and the aftermath of the sister’s having been sex-trafficked for years.
And all the while, the Plano police and Peter Hunt are struggling to get used to each other.

I hope you like it.

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