Maybe It’s Time

On two fronts. First is the Eu’s nakedly bad faith and extortionist attempt to interfere in Great Britain’s internal affairs.

The European Union on Thursday demanded that the United Kingdom immediately rewrite a new Brexit bill that would change parts of a divorce agreement it signed with the EU last year—threatening legal action if the outgoing member does not comply.
European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic met with UK Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove for crisis talks after the UK government proposed a new Internal Market Bill, which would allow ministers to “disapply” certain rules related to Northern Ireland agreed to in last year’s Withdrawal Agreement.

And Sefcovic’s ultimatum:

…withdraw these measures from the draft Bill in the shortest time possible and in any case by the end of the month….

The European Union has no beef with the Brits over their domestic bill until an actual violation of “international law” actually occurs. Sefvovic knows that full well. His threat is a naked attempt at intimidation and an example of the way the EU will treat all nations with the effrontery to seek to leave the EU, or even merely to object EU governance.

The other front is this: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA)

[last] Wednesday warned the UK there would be “no chance” of a US-UK free trade deal if the UK undermined the Good Friday Agreement.

This is an arrogant and unconscionable intrusion by the Speaker into the Executive Branch’s Constitutional sphere: foreign policy. Pelosi also willfully ignores the additional Constitutional fact that the House has no say setting treaties of any sort: ratification of an international agreement into a treaty is the sole province of the Senate.

It’s time for Great Britain to stop wasting time and resources on trying to deal with the EU and to simply close out the “talks.” Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government should spend the remaining months until 2021 setting their nation up for the no-deal separation that the EU is forcing as the EU’s offered alternative of surrender.

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