Heads Up

Be very heads up, this fall.

The coronavirus pandemic shook the US economy. It hasn’t shaken Democrats’ fervor for trillions of dollars in tax increases, and significant income redistribution is still likely as soon as 2021 if Joe Biden wins the White House and Democrats control Congress.

Senator Ron Wyden (D, OR):

It’s all the more important to protect the retirement and security of working [people] and make sure the wealthy pay their fair share. We’ll be ready to go in January of 2021.

The Progressive-Democrats ignore the simple, basic concept of economics that if you raise the price of a good, you’ll get less of it bought, and ultimately, less of it produced. Raising taxes on Americans will reduce the amount of money they have with which to buy goods and services, and it will reduce the amount of labor they’ll be willing to provide.

Wealthy pay their fair share? Wyden and his Progressive-Democrat fellows continue to refuse to say what that fair share is. That refusal leads us to the only logical conclusion: “fair” means “more and more and more.”

This is their demand to inflict their socialist ideology on Americans.

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