Not Far Wrong

Good for the Mayor, say I; he’s on the right track.

Porterville, CA, Mayor Cameron Hamilton said at a recent City Council meeting that, while he opposes bullying, he thinks it is too often used as an excuse. He added that some people need to “grow a pair.”

Naturally, this has caused outrage on the Left.

Councilwoman Virginia Gurrola…told the mayor, “It’s hard to just ‘grow a pair’ when you’re a 10-year-old girl.”

Surely, Gurrola understands that “hard” means “possible.”


Melissa McMurrey…told KFSN-TV that she felt attacked by the mayor’s comments. She said bullies often target young gay people.

Of course. I’m a victim. How dare you challenge my victimhood? How dare you suggest that I might actually just stop being a victim?

Personal responsibility isn’t always easy, and sometimes some folks, especially our children, need help. Despite that, though, personal responsibility matters, and it’s not something that can be wished off onto others. Self-defense is a personal obligation, not solely a thing to be used to create a burden on others.

Not even by our children. That’s what parents are for, and that’s what parents need to do a better job of teaching, right from the start—some at teaching their bully child to stop bullying, and others at teaching their bullied child how to counter the bully.

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