Another Pause for Commercial

My book, A Conservative’s Treatise on American Government: A Brief Discussion of what a Government, Subordinate to the Sovereign People, Must Do, has been published, and it can be found, among other places, at and at Barnes & Noble.  Links also can be found nearby in the column to the right and on the Books page.

In this book, I first offer analyses of our Declaration of Independence and of our Constitution, centering the latter on the Enumerated Powers generally and four specific clauses: Taxing and Spending, general Welfare, Commerce, and Necessary and Proper.  Then I provide a summary of our movement away from the principles contained in those founding social compact documents, which drift gained especial impetus during the FDR administration and continues through the present Obama administration.  I conclude with some specific suggestions for corrections to each branch of our Federal government and to our Constitution in order to restore us to our founding principles and to strengthen our nation and Constitution against future drift.

I hope you find this, like Conservative’s Manifesto, enjoyable and useful.

Update: Corrected the title.  Can’t even get my own ad copy right….  [sigh]

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