My New Novel

My new novel, a Peter Hunt tale, Judging, is out and can be obtained in Kindle format via the Author Page on Amazon link just to the right or from Amazon more directly here.

It’s a tale of bad…deeds…and ultimate success.

“He looked at C-C, his eyes wide open, but he decided he was more afraid of me and my pistol.  ‘I went up to her.  I offered her some blow.  She refused.  She yelled at me.  Then I kind of lost it.’
“Then I kind of lost it, too.  A deafening blast ricocheted around the building, and a blinding flash overwhelmed the gloom.  And my eyes.  My pistol went off.  I think I wounded the ceiling.  Groggily, I felt hands on me, bearing me down.  My pistol was ripped out of my hand, and my arms were jerked around behind me.  I felt cuffs snap on.”
After that, Hunt had to deal with an angry detective agency manager, partner, and friend. And an angry prosecutor. And angry Feds. All that was only backdrop, though, as he worked a rape case, drug smuggling, human trafficking. And a teenage girl that just appeared on his doorstep.

I hope you like it.

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