“All of this has never happened before”

The NLMSM, of which Chris Wallace is a prominent example, is whining over President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump speaking at the RNC Convention from White House property and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressing the convention from Jerusalem.

All of this has never happened before….

Chris Wallace bleated Tuesday night. He went on:

I don’t know what personal capacity a secretary of state has[.]

Because in his petty self-importance, if he doesn’t know the capacity, it perforce must not exist.

More important than Wallace’s or the NLMSM’s oblivious self-importance, though is this concept of “never happened before.” Precedence matters in law. Tradition can be—can be—a useful guide.

However, everything humanity, or any individual, has ever done at one point had never happened before, and subsequent to that—since traditions must have a first instance—everything new that’s ever been done has been a deviation from tradition.

If we never did anything for the first time, we’d still be knocking around the savannah competing with more powerful scavengers for predators’ left-overs. We wouldn’t even have any traditions from which to deviate.

It would be amusing, if it weren’t so sad, this pressman’s and these pressmen’s obsession with precedence.

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