Assaulting a Woman

Progressive-Democratic Party Presidential candidate wannabe Joe Biden is taken to task for putting his hands on women in what he thought were friendly gestures.

Now consider an occasion in which a woman was physically assaulted last February in a Montgomery County, Maryland, restaurant by another woman, and charges for misdemeanor assault were filed.  The assaulting woman had, after all, grabbed her victim from behind and shaken her for several seconds while screaming at her.

But prosecutors declined, in the end, to follow through with the prosecution and dropped the charges.  They doubted their ability to prove the charges, they said, and they doubted whether, in their unlikely success in getting a conviction, the assaulter would have deserved the punishment attached—all of “imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or a fine not exceeding $2,500 or both.”

Regarding the ability to prove the case, though, the assaulting woman apologized for her attack.  Which is to say, she confessed to it.  She provided her own proof of the charge.

As to whether she would have deserved the associated punishment, it’s time to bring in the rest of the story.

The assaulting woman was Mary Elizabeth Inabinett, a Leftist citizen of Maryland.

Her victim was Kellyanne Conway, a senior advisor to President Donald Trump.

Plainly, at least in Maryland, it’s perfectly fine to assault some women.

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