Here’s another installment in this series, this time (again) with ObamaMart.

Finally get enrolled in an Obamacare health welfare package via ObamaMart?  Don’t die this year.  Don’t take that raise.  Put that baby back where it came from.  You can’t update your package to account for these life changes—that functionality deliberately was put on the back burner in favor of fixing other…glitches…in the Web site.

The list of life changes that you can’t tell ObamaMart about include, in addition to the above,

  • marriage and divorce
  • death in the family
  • new job
  • moving to a different community

Remember, moving to a different community also changes the premiums you have to pay—that community rating thing.

Remember, also, you still have to repay the subsidy payments you received after the raise made you ineligible.  And you still owe the taxes on the raise.

Just be sure, after you’ve separately told your Plan provider about your life change, you go back and tell ObamaMart.  After they get around to fixing this.

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