“Justice” Redux

It turns out the Secret Service Director, Joseph Clancy, not only can’t keep his Secret Service straight, he can’t even keep his own stories about what he heard about his Secret Service’s misbehavior straight. The AP has reported, via Fox News, that Clancy’s claims of when he heard “rumors” of his agency’s illegal search of House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz’ personnel records keeps changing.

What’s interesting to me about this, though, is what the AP buried at the end of its article.


The Justice Department announced Friday afternoon that it will not bring criminal charges against Lois Lerner or any other IRS official involved in the targeting of Tea Party groups[.]

There’s a surprise. Why would anyone think President Barack Obama’s DoJ would prosecute anyone in Obama’s IRS for their abuse of IRS—of Executive Branch—power in the IRS’ persecution of groups of Americans of whom Obama disapproves?

Lies of the Democrat

Or of the proud Progressive who wants to be President.

From the just concluded Benghazi hearing interview of Democratic Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, we learned this:

At 11:12 pm on the night of the attack, Sept 11, 2012, Mrs Clinton emailed her daughter Chelsea that, “Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an Al-Qaeda-like group: the Ambassador, whom I handpicked and a young communications officer on temporary duty w[ith] a wife and two young children. Very hard day and I fear more of the same tomorrow.”

And this:

Food Processing Plant!?

Progressives just can’t stand to see freedom of choice, just can’t stand to have any sort of enterprise not under their regulatory thumb. Case in point: Londonderry, NH, school district. The superintendent of schools pulled the high school out of the Federal government’s National School Lunch Program and to have the school’s cafeteria serve the school’s meals. You know—sort of like school cafeterias used to do before all this government intervention.

The Department of Education

stepped in it again.

The Department of Education issued a resource guide on Tuesday that guides teachers on how they should treat undocumented students, and encourages them to boost educational and career opportunities for those students.

“Teachers…who serve immigrant students should understand the cultural and educational backgrounds of their students,” the [Resource Guide: Supporting Undocumented Youth] recommended.

Couple things about this: undocumented students—illegal aliens—are not immigrants. Immigrants are folks who entered our nation legally and who are still here legally. Certainly, these children who are illegal aliens are in that status through no fault of their own; however, that’s a problem for those who brought them here and who are harboring them now. The kids’ upkeep is on those others.


These panic-mongers of their man-caused global warming fantasy are in such a panic themselves that now they want RICO investigations of those scientists and organizations so rude as to demur from the panic-mongers’ claims.

George Mason Professor Jagadish Shukla and 19 others signed a letter to President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and White House science adviser John Holdren urging punishment for climate dissenters. “One additional tool—recently proposed by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse [D, RI]—is a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) investigation of corporations and other organizations that have knowingly deceived the American people about the risks of climate change, as a means to forestall America’s response to climate change[.]”

Patriotism Inappropriate in School?

The Institutional Advisory Council at Hillsborough Community College has recommended the school stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance at its meetings. The IAC claims they did it to save time at their meetings, and they were concerned about the Pledge’s

appropriateness in an institution of higher learning which fosters academic freedom and structured dissent against authority.

Democrats’ Habit of Ruling by Fiat

Keep in mind President Barack Obama’s penchant for Executive Orders and Executive Actions whenever he can’t get his way with Congress, our elected representatives—and so whenever he can’t get his way with us. He issues these EOs and EAs, sometimes strictly legally and sometimes unconstitutionally, but nearly always in contravention of the will of Congress—of us.

Now we get Hillary Clinton’s (Democratic Presidential candidate) plans for when she’s President. Using gun control, that long-time Democratic Party attack on our 2nd Amendment, as her venue, Clinton intends to “use executive authority”—EOs and EAs, governance by fiat in the finest Democratic Party tradition—as the centerpiece of her Presidency.

Can’t Prepare?

Joe Olson, who retired in June as president of the Umpqua Community College told the Associated Press the school had three training exercises with local law agencies in the past two years, “but you can never be prepared for something like this.”

I won’t comment on the “training exercise” rate. This sort of preemptive giving up, though, ranks right up there with gun free zones as a major contributor to mass killings. Of course it’s possible to prepare for “something like this.” It just takes a willingness to conceive the possibilities from not waiting for the police who are only minutes away. Interminable minutes, during which the killing proceeds apace. Unless the true first responders—those who are already on scene—are allowed to defend themselves and allowed to exercise initiative.

The Obama Administration

…is targeting another Republican, this time with criminal intent. President Barack Obama’s Secret Service was sufficiently dismayed about being caught at and exposed for their misbehaviors and incompetences by Senator Jason Chaffetz (R, UT), House Oversight Committee Chairman, that Secret Service Assistant Director Ed Lowry suggested that Chaffetz should be targeted with “leaked” personal information of a suitably embarrassing nature. Lowry wrote an email to Deputy Assistant Director Faron Paramore:

Some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out. Just to be fair[.]