Not Serious

The Wall Street Journal claims pressure is growing on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) to resign over allegations of his sexual harassment.

Gov Andrew Cuomo Faces Growing Calls From New York Democrats to Resign

goes the headline. And

US Congresswoman Kathleen Rice, of Long Island, became one of the highest-profile New York Democrats to call for Mr Cuomo to step down.

I’m having trouble seeing the pressure. So far, all that’s going on is a lot of loud chit-chat.

There are two ways to apply pressure in this context. One is for the State’s legislature to block Cuomo’s agenda until he quits or his term expires. “He can’t govern” goes one articulation of this. That, though, would redound to the legislators as much as it would to Cuomo.

The other way is to actually impeach Cuomo, convict him at trial, and thereby eject him from office.

But we have this:

Six Democratic state lawmakers who are members of the Democratic Socialists of America said Tuesday that they supported impeachment. In New York, impeachment articles must be approved by the state Assembly and a trial is conducted before members of the state Senate as well as judges of the state’s Court of Appeals. Democrats have a two-third majority in both the state Assembly and Senate. Mr. Cuomo has appointed all seven judges of the Court of Appeals.

OK. With numbers like that, what are those six legislators actually doing about impeaching and trying Cuomo?

Porch dog yapping. Not applying pressure. Not actually bringing articles of impeachment to the Assembly floor for up-or-down action. Absent that, there is no trial.

There’re just little, yippy dogs barking.

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