Too Precious

That’s the British press, in comparison with which even our own press is…inadequately endowed.

It seems that Henry Charles Albert David, a Duke of Sussex (the latest in that line, in fact) gave an interview to an American television late night talk show host.

Oh, woe. Oh, the angst. Oh, the world is coming to an end.

The British press is up in arms because its morning coverage of Harry’s interview somehow clashed with the effort of the British Queen, Elizabeth, to get word out regarding the wisdom of getting vaccinated against the Wuhan Virus.  “A source” complained

When the Queen speaks, as she has done about the vaccine, it is accepted that she has a clear field[.]

I’m not sure by whom it is accepted, but that’s neither here nor there. The “source” has misplaced his dismay. Here’s the kicker:

News of Harry’s late-night chat filled the British media Friday morning, hours after the Queen was trying to give a booster shot to the vaccine with an address in which she encouraged the UK public to get jabbed[.]

To the extent the British queen’s message was stepped on (“hours after?” Really? The field still isn’t clear?), it was the deliberate, carefully thought out decision of the British press to fill itself with coverage of Harry’s interview. The man had nothing to do with that.

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