Some Poll Results

The Washington Times has some McLaughlin Poll results.

  • When voters are told that Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants Congress to impeach and remove the President in his last week in office, 60% of all voters say that this is another waste of time and money
  • 77% of all voters think that Congress should make its priority this week dealing with Coronavirus
  • 74% of all voters agree that efforts by Pelosi and the Democrats to try to impeach the President after Joe Biden is sworn in would be politically motivated to prevent the President from running again, stripping his Secret Service protection, and preventing him from having a Presidential Library
  • 65% of all voters agree that by continuing to attack the President, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are making this worse and keeping the country divided
  • 74% agree that if Twitter, Facebook, and Google can censor and take away the President’s right to free speech they can take away the right to free speech for any American
  • 70% of all voters agree that Big Tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple have too much power and need to be regulated to protect the freedoms and privacy of Americans

Especially these:

  • 48% of all voters are less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes to impeach the President
  • The generic vote for Congress favors the Republicans over the Democrats 49% to 42%.

The survey can be seen here. McLaughlin conducted its survey at the start of this week, and they interviewed 800 voters reflective of the demographics in 17 battleground States of the November election. The 95% confidence interval is ±3.4%.

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