Another Thought on Defunding

This one concerns the US Marshals Service.

The US Marshals Service released a statement Friday noting they have recovered 27 missing and exploited children in Virginia as a result of what they called “Operation Find Our Children.”

There’s this, too, from Jeffrey Rosen, Deputy Attorney General, concerning “Operation Find Our Children” more generally:

While this Virginia operation is the most recent recovery of endangered and missing children led by the US Marshals Service this year, we have also recovered more than 440 kids in Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, and other states. Because of this initiative, the recovered children are now out of harm’s way.

This is the sort of thing that will be lost should the Progressive-Democrats’ police defunding movement reach the Federal level.

This list of local police agencies that have been supporting “Operation Find Our Children” illustrates the depth of the risk from the Left’s police defunding movement:

  • Metro Transit Police Department
  • Virginia State Police,
  • Alexandria Sheriff’s Office
  • Chesterfield County Police Department
  • Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office
  • Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office
  • Hampton Police Department
  • Henrico County Police Department
  • Norfolk Police Department
  • Prince William County Police Department
  • Portsmouth Police Department
  • Richmond City Police Department
  • Roanoke City Police Department
  • Virginia Beach Police Department
  • Virginia Department of Corrections

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