Kidnap, Inc.

That’s the new company headquartered in Beijing.

Here’s a partial list of the People’s Republic of China’s iconic business’ products:

  • Cheng Lei, Australian citizen, television anchor for a Beijing media outlet
  • Yang Hengjun, Australian citizen, writer held on vague “espionage” accusations since last year
  • Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, Canadian citizens, held in the PRC since 2018 as hostages to pressure Canada not to extradite to the US Huawei’s CFO
  • threats that Czech Republic Senate President Milos Vystrcil would “pay a heavy price” after he led a business delegation to the Republic of China

And these are just the famous ones, the VIPs.  It’s not very useful—nor is it particularly safe—for foreign nationals to travel to or within the PRC.

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