A Choice

The Trump campaign has as one of its focuses, law and order, and it points to the rioting and looting so rampant in so many cities.

if Democratic nominee Joe Biden won the White House, “No one will be safe.” Vice President Mike Pence used almost the same words in his speech a day earlier, and one of the campaign’s most-aired recent ads employs similar language.
…his team is banking that the chaotic images from places such as Kenosha, WI, and Portland, OR, won’t just rally their base, but sway undecided voters and suburban voters who had been moving away from Mr Trump.

The Biden campaign demurs from that,

noting that the unrest is taking place under Mr Trump’s watch. “This happens to be Donald Trump’s America,” Mr Biden said on Thursday.

This is a cynical and disingenuous distortion of the facts.

All of that rioting and looting is taking place in Progressive-Democrat-run cities, on Progressive-Democrat mayors’ watches. In the particular case of Portland, the mayor has overtly refused Federal help in controlling and then ending the rioting and looting.

With law enforcement being entirely local, the Feds cannot move in, cannot provide assistance, unless

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