It’s really gone too far—as if the first occurrence hadn’t already taken the false piety too far.

ESPN suspended NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski a day after a profane email from him to Senator Josh Hawley [R, MO] was leaked to social media, according to multiple reports.
Outkick and the New York Post both reported that the basketball reporter was suspended. The newspaper reported he was suspended without pay. It was unclear how long the suspension is for.

Wojnarowski’s offense was the end of an exchange wherein Hawley had criticized the NBA’s timidity and hypocrisy regarding “pre-approved, social justice slogans” on jerseys after “censoring support” for law enforcement and criticism of the Chinese Communist Party. Wojnarowski’s response was a two-word crudity.

Then he publicly apologized.

Wojnarowski plainly screwed up, badly. But he apologized, and did so without hiding his apology under a bushel. Now it’s time—or it should be—to see whether he’s actually changing his behavior, correcting it.

Insufficient, though, and we got yet another overreaction by the Left’s Kancel Kulture, this time by a cowardly corporate manager, the Timid One in charge of ESPN.

Plainly, the Left does not believe in second chances. The Left does not believe in rehabilitation. The Left does not believe in the possibility of redemption.

Every error—as defined by the Left—must be a capital crime.

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