America’s Olympic Sports Organizations are Losing Money?

In spades, according to the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee:

…America’s amateur sports organizations stand to lose as much as $800 million from coronavirus-driven cancellations, including the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Games until next year.

Color me unsympathetic. At least not until after the various civil and criminal cases over the women and girl athlete sexual and child abuses so rampant in our sports scamps—especially our Olympic and Olympic-prep camps—have finished their trek through our courts, and convicted miscreants are paying their compensatory damages and/or are serving their times in jail.

The USOCP appears to not be taking those miscreancies seriously, even today:

USA Gymnastics [a major abuser of girl and women athletes] is facing decertification from the USOPC….

Still. Four years later. The excuse being blatted about is that USA Gymnastics is in bankruptcy proceedings as it faces hundreds of lawsuits over Nassar. Nonsense. Decertification need have no impact on USAG’s bankruptcy. USOCP looks like it’s dithering.

Not a penny for these organizations, of which USAG and USOCP are only a couple of the larger ones. American taxpayer money needs to be focused on medical support and economic recovery.

Of course the matter remains before the Progressive-Democratic Party majority House: they still could get all that cash.

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