Government Knows Better Than Owners

That’s what the SEC is claiming with its latest shenanigan.

[T]he Securities and Exchange Commission wants to make it harder for small shareholders to get resolutions onto company ballots, known as proxies.

After all, the SEC says, with some accuracy,

responding to resolutions can pose an undue burden on companies, costing tens of thousands of dollars apiece for research, and printing and mailing of ballots.


Corporate by-laws are set by the owners of the company, and the owners can, via their by-laws, set the parameters surrounding shareholder resolutions and thereby manage their own costs just fine, thank you.

Every one of the ills imagined by the SEC are capable of being handled by each business in its own way, whether by doing things the SEC wants to impose on all company owners, or with steps each company’s owners deem best for their specific situation.

Or they would be able to, did Government regulations, existing as well as proposed, not interfere so extensively with the way in which owners manage their property.

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