Naivete and Hong Kong

Bill McGurn usually does better than this.  He suggested

If the governments in Beijing and Hong Kong would show an ounce of that humility, the protests might be over tomorrow.

Presumably that would include an apology by Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam, per his piece’s headline.

It’s hard to believe, though, that McGurn would be this naive. Lam’s apology, and PRC and Hong Kong government “humility” would be nothing more than empty, unbelievable words. Lam needs to fully withdraw and cancel, as though it had never existed, the extradition bill that her PRC masters instructed her to put forward, not merely HIA it.

Then she and her deputies and cabinet need to resign and repair to the mainland.

Then Xi needs to withdraw his PLA units from the city’s front porch.

All of that would still leave the PRC government wholly untrustworthy and its Hong Kong branch mostly so, but at least the threat would be pushed back a little bit.

Never forget: the Hong Kong people are in the streets because they can trust neither the PRC’s government nor its Hong Kong branch.

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