Some Advice

…for NFL players and owners who are pretending to protest police mistreatment of minorities while actually attacking our flag and national anthem and insulting families who’ve lost veterans and the veterans themselves who fought, were maimed, were killed for these Precious Ones’ right to attack our flag and national anthem.

The advice comes from an ex-Buffalo Bills New Era Stadium security guard who resigned his job of 30 years over the Bills’ shameful kneeling display last Sunday.

[P]players [should] go out into the community and try to solve problems rather than simply kneeling and saying, “There’s a problem. Someone else fix it.”

Of course, that would require them to do actual work within the communities they think are so abused.  It would require them to speak from the vast array of platforms they have as celebrated athletes other than metaphorically stomping on our flag and national anthem.

It would require that they take more substantive action than just virtue signaling from the safety of the literal sidelines.

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