Hostage Takers

As Florida state and local officials scramble to contain a Zika virus outbreak in Miami Beach—a serious threat to the region’s $24 billion-a-year tourism industry—congressional lawmakers from both parties continue to be locked in battle over a billion dollars in vital funding that experts say is needed to keep the virus from breaking out across America.

This is a misleading opening paragraph in the Fox News article.  Congress isn’t deadlocked.  The House already has passed a Zika funding bill.  Democrats in the Senate are blocking the bill over wholly unrelated matters: Planned Parenthood funding, which the Zika bill cuts off, and birth control funding in bankrupt Puerto Rico, which the Zika bill provides.

No, Democrats are holding the welfare of the citizens of Florida and Puerto Rico, and our citizens in the other States at risk, hostage both over Democrats’ fight to have Federally funded abortions and their hypocrisy in demanding health coverage providers provide premium-free birth control coverage while denying access to birth control in one of our territories.

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